Welcome, welcome! Sit a while and have some tea and cake – something hobbits love best!

We are the Boffins. And self proclaimed hobbits. No our feet aren’t particularly hairy, nor are we very small. We are decidedly ‘big folk,’ live in the city, and have utterly average, rectangular doors, but we still have many things in common. In our love of home and trying to craft it into a peaceful and happy place. In the way life revolves around tasty, mostly healthy food we make. (“We’ve had one breakfast, YES. But what about second breakfast?” – Pippin in Fellowship of the Ring). In the chatter, laughter, cries, and squeals of my own little adventuring hobbits. In tilling the earth for our own little garden, and in our love of adventure… and making it home in time for dinner & bed.

More on hobbit-ish ways and our blog name HERE.

More About Us

Hello! I’m Mrs. Ellie Boffin. Lover of:

  • IMG_2866Jesus
  • dance
  • books
  • laughing
  • natural living
  • creating
  • fantastically hot salsa
  • singing
  • Christmas
  • dressing up
  • birthing
  • organizing
  • history
  • home
  • quotes
  • and most especially family!


They’re my favorite.


And I’m Mr. Boffin

I’d love you to join us in our journey! You can find and connect with us here, on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, for more on the joys, challenges, and things we’ve found useful in hearth and home.


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