It’s a “Hop on Pop” Life

Now, I have forgotten some of the things I learned in college, but I can quote to you verbatim a great many children books. The little hobbits here LOVE reading (a fact that I revel in), and one of the perks of having read a book 978 times is that instead of having to read the words, I can watch their little faces as they study each page – one of my absolute favorite things. It also comes in handy when I’m really tired and I can just lie my head back, shut my little eyes, and quote the book, while turning page by page by page by page by page.

And things are poppin’ around here. Hop on Pop-pin so to speak. You see, I couldn’t help but notice that we are now living some of my favorite pages.

As this little lady will tell you, we have:

Collages2.JPGYep! Another bouncing, baby boy! Coming the end of August!

P1060988We couldn’t be more thrilled… though I will say that during the ultrasound when we found out it was a boy, little lady said, “What?! Another boy!? I thought it was a girl! Ahhh…. Why did Heavenly Father send us another boy? I thought I would get a sister!” She’s perfectly happy now to have another little brother and talks to him all the time. I will say, though, that she does start a number of sentences with the phrase, “When you have another baby and I have a sister…” Haha, let’s just take it one at a time, girl. One at a time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a “Hop on Pop” Life

  1. Love those pics! Soo clever and cute! I love the comment about “when you have another baby, and I have a sister” haha she’s so sweet, analytical, and matter of fact about everything!


  2. I love these pictures!! So clever and creative! I love the comment, “When you have another baby and I have a sister…” haha- she is so sweet, analytical, and matter of fact about everything! congrats again!


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